Pharmacy Manager

Quick, reliable, resilient

As well as a complete suite of the functionality expected from today’s PMR systems, Pharmacy Manager gives community pharmacies speed, stability and resilience, in addition to enhanced solutions for MAR charts, managed repeats and access to the KnowledgeBase medication and healthcare information database, all of which help to reduce dispensing errors, while also improving patient experience and business effectiveness.

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Fully flexible and efficient

Nexphase is the fully flexible PMR system that allows you to dispense, label, order and endorse, park and retrieve in any order you like, meaning that the system will fit to your preferred workflows. Nexphase is continually described as having the quickest workflow on the market which twinned with our product file, produced and maintained by Cegedim Rx’s in-house pharmacists, makes it an unbeatable combination.

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Centralised services solution

Healthi, a new online portal for clinical service provision, enables pharmacists to deliver efficient services, which will benefit from a single view of the patient, solving one of the key challenges and requirements of pharmacists as they continue to drive improved patient outcomes and deliver superior services to the community.

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