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CRxAssured is a wireless 3G backup solution that has been designed to safeguard your critical pharmacy operations. With the uptake of electronic prescription services across the UK, a reliable internet connection has become crucial to ensure pharmacy business continuity.

If your N3 line is damaged due to bad weather, external construction, BT maintenance, or a router failure, the consequences could be severe. The potential implications of your pharmacy’s N3 line becoming unavailable are considerable: real financial loss, obvious inconvenience and the potential for patients to move their nominations.

Using a new failover router, CRxAssured actively monitors your N3 line and automatically activates a secure mobile broadband connection should the line fail. It then deactivates once your line is restored. You may not even notice that your broadband line has failed.

The NHS is introducing requirements for all pharmacies to formally commit to putting into place processes and tools to ensure information governance security and service continuity are in place by 2017. Pharmacies using CRxDefence and CRxAssured will be provided with all relevant documentation to enable them to confirm that their pharmacy meets all the IG requirements (subject to local SOP amendments).