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Data is at the centre of any pharmacy especially with increased reliance on PMR systems and the roll-out of electronic prescription services across the UK. CRxDefence is a premier online back-up management service specifically designed to minimise the risks to your business.

If you experience a major system failure during the working day, there could be several implications – real financial loss, obvious inconvenience, reduced credibility with patients and the potential for losing customers. In the worst case scenario, if your back-up disk has gone missing or has corrupted, or you have to rebuild data from an old back-up disk, the cost to your business could be considerable.

Each night CRxDefence takes a copy of your manual back-up, sending your fully encrypted data to a secure off-site UK data centre. What’s more, provided you have access to more than one computer, CRxDefence now enables you to run your own near real time back-up system within your pharmacy during the working day.

Used together, the off-site and near real time back-ups can restore the data almost to the point of system failure, so you can be up and running again in just a few minutes.

CRxDefence will also give you piece of mind in terms of information governance, allowing you to easily complete the data protection section, disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan in the Tool Kit.

The NHS is introducing requirements for all pharmacies to formally commit to putting into place processes and tools to ensure information governance security and service continuity are in place by 2017. Pharmacies using CRxDefence and CRxAssured will be provided with all relevant documentation to enable them to confirm that their pharmacy meets all the IG requirements (subject to local SOP amendments).