Pharmacy Manager gives community pharmacies speed, stability and resilience

As well as a complete suite of the functionality expected from today’s PMR systems, Pharmacy Manager gives community pharmacies speed, stability and resilience, in addition to enhanced solutions for MAR charts, managed repeats and access to the KnowledgeBase medication and healthcare information database, all of which help to reduce dispensing errors, while also improving patient experience and business effectiveness.

One of the recent additions to Pharmacy Manager has been the integration with third party eMAR (electronic MAR chart) solutions. The system also integrates with pharmacy robots and offers broadband ordering for all major wholesalers.

Pharmacy Manager’s flexible reordering algorithms are designed to give pharmacies and pharmacy groups maximum coverage against demand from minimal stock levels. Combined with our product file, produced and maintained by Cegedim Rx’s in-house pharmacists, and updated each month to ensure relevance and accuracy, the PMR system guarantees flexibility and accuracy.

When used in tandem with our range of integrated solutions, Pharmacy Manager is a resilient, proven and IG compliant solution that provides pharmacies with the ability to both dispense effectively and provide patients with exceptional levels of enhanced support.

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Information Manager logo

Information Manager

Head office analysis tool for your Pharmacy Manager data

Information Manager automatically extracts dispensing and stock data every night from each of your pharmacy’s Pharmacy Manager PMR systems, it then cleans the data before adding it to a central data repository. Your head office can then log in to Information Manager to analyse the group-wide information.

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Maximise repeat prescriptions in Pharmacy Manager

Fully integrated with your Pharmacy Manager PMR system, Repeat Rx will help you to manage your repeat prescription collection and delivery service. Repeat Rx is designed to maximise your repeat prescription business by making your processes more straight-forward and efficient.

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Web-based purchasing tool

CRxPurchaser is a new web-based purchasing tool which has been designed to help pharmacies to reduce spend on medication as well as minimising the administration and complexity of ordering whilst ensuring consistency across pharmacy groups, buying groups or within an independent pharmacy.

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3G backup for your N3 line

CRxAssured is a wireless 3G backup solution that has been designed to safeguard your critical pharmacy operations. With the uptake of electronic prescription services across the UK, a reliable internet connection has become crucial to ensure pharmacy business continuity.

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Message Dynamics

SMS and voice messaging service

Message Dynamics is the SMS and voice messaging service from Cegedim Rx that helps you to increase patient loyalty and make your pharmacy even more convenient to use. Message Dynamics enables your PMR system to automatically generate SMS and voice messages for your patients, reminding them when their prescription is due and informing them when it is ready for collection.

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Comprehensive drug and medical information

KnowledgeBase is an extremely comprehensive drug and medical information system that supports community pharmacies in providing patients with information that will help them to understand their condition, take their medication effectively and live a healthy lifestyle. Every Cegedim Rx PMR system includes KnowledgeBase as standard. KnowledgeBase can help to reduce dispensing errors and also to provide a useful means of adherence support.

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Premier online off-site backup

Data is at the centre of any pharmacy especially with increased reliance on PMR systems and the roll-out of electronic prescription services across the UK. CRxDefence is a premier online back-up management service specifically designed to minimise the risks to your business.

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Pharmacy Manager User Testimonials

Cegedim Rx is a professional company, with friendly and knowledgeable staff, delivering a good product with excellent support.

Richard Cox
IT Manager, Courts Pharmacy Group

Pharmacy Manager is an uncomplicated system that is easy to train new members of staff to use.

Mr Richardson
Retired Pharmacist, Richardson Pharmacy