KnowledgeBase is an extremely comprehensive drug and medical information system that supports you in providing your patients with reliable information. With this in mind every Pharmacy Manager and Nexphase system now includes KnowledgeBase as standard.

The latest healthcare information at your fingertips

    KnowledgeBase contains continually updated healthcare information including illustrated advice and information about disease, illness and injury, drug information leaflets, self-help and support groups and travel advice.

    KnowledgeBase can either be used as an integrated part of your dispensing process, where information is shown that is relevant to the item being dispensed, or as a fully searchable source of reference material. All information is easy to print off for your patients to read.

    This comprehensive electronic library includes easy-to-read information for patients as well as clinical details for pharmacists and technicians, including monographs, manufacturer’s PILs and SPCs, list of excipients, and pharmacy and clinical journal articles.

    KnowledgeBase is continually updated so you can be sure that you are using the latest healthcare information and illustrated advice on disease, illness, injury, drug information, travel advice and self-help and support groups.

Four main information categories

    • Education Patient friendly information covering medicines, conditions, health awareness and travel related healthcare advice
    • Medicines Clinical information for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians
    • Updates Pharmacy and medical journal articles
    • Services Contact details and information about self-help and support groups

Information compiled from reliable sources

    • Patient UK
    • World Health Organisation
    • EMC
    • The Cochrane Library
    • Chemist and Druggist
    • Pharmacy Magazine
    • P3 Magazine

Information for new contract services

    • Dispensing
    • Medicines Use Reviews
    • Signposting
    • Encouraging Self-help
    • Promoting Healthy Lifestyle

KnowledgeBase Key Features

    • Comprehensive drug and medical information system
    • Use as part of your dispensing process or as a fully searchable source of reference material
    • All information easily printed off for your patients
    • Helps to support your contract services

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