Pharmacy Manager is Evolving

Pharmacy Manager is evolving to work harder to ensure YOU can work smarter

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Our latest offer for Community Pharmacy is a complete suite of products & services designed to help pharmacies SAVE Time & Money whilst MAXIMISING revenue, profit & patient loyalty

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Our Vision is Clear

We will continue to lead the market with innovative healthcare technology, data and informatics solutions, underpinned by three interconnected,
equally important and valued goals:


To create new products and solutions that precisely match its customers’ needs, improve healthcare provision and expedite improvements in care and outcomes.


To differentiate from competitors through delivery of an outstanding customer experience that is passionately embedded at the heart of everything we say and do.


To develop and promote an empowered, collaborative and energised culture that embraces change, nurtures innovation and makes Cegedim UK an inspirational place to work.

Healthcare IT Solutions

We are a major supplier of IT solutions for healthcare professionals and companies. Our products and services are used across the wider healthcare space in areas including:

Here are some ways that PharmacyPLUS could deliver value into your pharmacy

The Pharmacy Manager Evolution

Our story began in the early 1980’s when the world of pharmacy was experiencing its early changes. Hand written dispensing labels were no longer permissible and most pharmacies at that time...

Supporting Serious Shortage Protocols

The Serious Shortage Protocol (SSP) gives pharmacists additional powers to alter prescriptions in the event of a serious shortage of a particular medicine.

Putting innovation at the forefront of healthcare at this year’s Recognition of Excellence Awards

Cegedim Rx were delighted to present Amy Harper, Pharmacy Manager at Knights Crossfell Pharmacy the ‘Innovation’ award at this year’s Recognition of Excellence Awards. Amy was recognised for her...


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