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FMD: Your Questions Answered
by CegedimRX August 7, 2018
The workflow changes imposed by FMD are going to have a significant impact on pharmacy operations. In our FMD Webinar last month, we explained how we ...
FMD: We Are Ready, Are You?
Counterfeit medicines are bad news. From a pharmacists perspective, falsified medicines can affect bottom lines and breed scepticism from consumers ...
IT and Automation Solutions: Robot Dispensing
by CegedimRX May 31, 2018
Tags: Automation
It seems as though most big industries have now embraced the idea of automation in the workplace. Whether it's meant a full-blown overhaul of their ...
Our Business Continuity package is king and here’s why...
by CegedimRX May 20, 2018
No one likes to think about what would happen if everything just went wrong one day, do they? Some people call that kind of thinking 'fear ...
GDPR - What you need to know and how it affects your business
by CegedimRX May 15, 2018
Tags: GDPR
GDPR. It’s been a hot topic for a lot of people for some time now. We’ve all heard about it, but with its introduction now looming, it’s well worth ...
GDPR - Business Security FAQ's
by CegedimRX May 9, 2018
Tags: GDPR, Cegedim RX
It’s important that GDPR is taken seriously, carefully considered and actioned. We’ve done our level best to ensure that we are fully and completely ...
How IT suppliers are helping pharmacies automate
by CegedimRX April 30, 2018
There are many drivers for using automation in a community pharmacy setting. Increasing dispensing capacity, reducing costs, reduction in dispensing ...
A view on Pharmacy IT
by CegedimRX April 2, 2018
Healthcare technology is an enabler of safer, effective and more efficient care providing a means to empower patients, liberate healthcare providers ...