Cegedim Rx invests in the UK's most advanced message handling system

Cegedim Rx invests in the UK's most advanced message handling system

We have invested a staggering £3 million in developing our next generation message handling system, Healthi Connect, to guarantee the most stable solution for the UK pharmacy market.

We know how business critical continuity of service is to our customers and so our new system has been built on dual data-centres for resilience.

For your peace of mind, we use bi-directional monitoring between Cegedim Rx and NHS Digital 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; and we are pleased to report 100% message delivery since the new systems first inception in 2016.

Today we process over 25 million requests every month via Healthi Connect and 25 million responses are returned. With a payload capacity capable of storing over 1 billion messages we are confident that our solution is not only resilient, but also future proof to allow our business to continue to support growing demand as prescription volumes continue to rise and Pharmacy becomes integrated within the wider healthcare space.

For more information on Healthi Connect click here

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