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E-Learning - Building a Foundation for Your Teams Training Needs

By Cegedim
On Jun 11, 2020

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E-Learning - Building a Foundation for Your Teams Training Needs

The last few months have proved the adaptability of both businesses and individuals. Faced with unprecedented challenges, our customers have embraced new business models and new ways of working and living.  One of the biggest changes globally has been in learning – with many school pupils and students embracing e-learning for the first time. Indeed, while schools are re-opening, universities are embracing the value and benefits of distance learning, with Manchester University confirming all its lectures for the autumn term will move online.

Distance learning has been a core component of IT training for many years, providing individuals with the chance to learn at their own pace, at a convenient time, using high quality materials and resources. Even before the current pandemic, e-learning has become increasingly essential to all businesses.

For those companies that have always relied on face to face training, however, how do you make the transition to e-learning? How can you make the most from the resources available and ensure that all staff have the essential skills required to confidently use new or upgraded systems?

Learning Zone

To support our customers, we have launched our new Learning Zone initiative.  Free for all existing and new users, the Learning Zone has been specifically designed to meet the current and evolving needs of your whole team – many of whom have been working longer hours, often in different settings.

With limited training opportunities and little time to learn in community pharmacy and primary care, the Learning Zone’s anytime, anywhere access and bite sized resources has supported teams in strengthening skill sets and enhancing existing knowledge, helping to unlock the solution’s potential. The use of short videos enables individuals to learn through demonstration, which means knowledge can be absorbed much more quickly – a key requirement for time pressed users.

Key features of the Learning Zone include:

Tailored Knowledge:

  • Bite-sized material, enabling learners to dip in and out as required to meet specific knowledge demands.

Flexibility & Timing:

  • E-learning and video tutorials can be accessed anywhere, from any device, including at home.

  • All materials are available 24/7, which means individuals can easily fit training around their day to day obligations.

  • Users can access the Learning Zone even before their migration to Pharmacy Manager, to ensure pharmacies can be prepared for installation before any change.

From prioritising key knowledge areas or simply enhancing existing expertise, the flexibility of the Learning Zone combined with small, highly digestible packets of knowledge, provides a simple, effective way to ensure all users have the skills required to use new and existing systems.

Building Long Term Confidence

As businesses evolve, e-learning will continue to play a vital role – from enabling new members of staff to get up and running very quickly to preparing the entire team for a migration to new software. The fact that the Learning Zone is available before migration enables the team to prepare for the new software, providing essential assurance in the system before going live.

Long term skill development is also proven to be a fundamental aspect of business success and staff confidence. According to the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development (CIPD), skills confidence and effectiveness has important economic and social ramifications for individuals, organisations and more broadly for society. Furthermore: “Those who are able to use their skills fully experience better job satisfaction, have increased earning potential and are more resilient to change.”

Our Learning Zone also provides users with access to certified learning paths, which include short assessments to validate product expertise and supply certificates. The online courses can also be recorded as CPD – enabling the entire team to maximise its potential.

Access the Learning Zone

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