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Investing in Healthcare Solutions for Scotland
Tony Thorne

By Tony Thorne
On Mar 23, 2021

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Investing in Healthcare Solutions for Scotland

The way Primary Care services are delivered in Scotland continues to evolve. NSS is accelerating its commitment to a multi-disciplinary model, where patient care can be effectively delivered by nurses and pharmacists as well as GPs. The creation of shared services has also escalated – not least in response to the amazing vaccination efforts undertaken during 2021.

Looking ahead, in addition to Shared Care and Community Care, enabling patients to access more online services from GPs, such as appointment booking, requesting prescriptions and viewing medical records online is a key part of the new primary care model.

Creating GP Clinical Systems

Digital technologies have a vital role to play in enabling healthcare professionals to support patients across multiple settings – especially given the expected escalation in patient demands once post-vaccine confidence grows. From meeting changing population health guidelines to accelerating patient ability to gain self-service access to GP services, technology should be an enabler, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on the patient and have more time to deliver effective care.

NSS has defined an increasingly diverse set of requirements within core GP clinical systems to support the demands facing Primary Care: from improved collaboration between clinicians to secure, intuitive remote access to patient data and the availability of usable population health data to improve patient management.

Meeting NSS Goals

Cegedim has been working closely with NSS to deliver a fully assured clinical system. As the only IT solution provider approved to supply NHS GP Clinical Systems across the whole of the UK, our journey to assurance is ahead of all other providers and we are confident that we will be the first supplier in Scotland to deliver a fully assured clinical system.

Much of the development work has already been completed – but what does that mean for those working in primary care? The emphasis is on creating solutions that are as simple and easy to use as possible – with a complete solution set to support GPs, Shared Care, Community Care and Population Health. We are also actively working to avoid any disruption by enabling Practices to evolve their IT solutions to suit their own timelines, rather than one imposed by an IT vendor.

Comprehensive Clinical Solution

Our comprehensive Vision 3 clinical solution includes the full raft of functionality now required to deliver primary care through multi-disciplinary teams across multiple shared and community care locations. The core solution includes a number of new apps, Appointments, Tasks, Patient Facing Services and Outcomes Manager - our simple and innovative tool that uses a cloud-based dashboard for monitoring and reporting on patient data and outcomes across geographic areas.

Vision Anywhere provides 24/7 real time access to patient records on any device, anywhere, anytime, allowing healthcare providers to collaborate across shared care settings and deliver remote care as and when required. Interoperability with Vision and EMIS Web delivers real-time patient record access, while predictive data entry makes it quicker than ever for clinicians to record consultations.

By moving away from on-premise technology to the cloud, our solutions are more efficient, with improved security, while also offering essential business continuity, ensuring GP practices can gain access to vital information at any time.

Working with you

Primary care services are changing – and that has an effect on everyone involved. Following our listen, act, improve for YOU message, we know practices are extremely keen to avoid any disruption. By supporting a hybrid model with our Vision 3 and Vision Anywhere products, Cegedim is inviting practices to join our evolutionary journey and embrace the new functionality at the right time for each environment.

Our focus is on delivering IT healthcare solutions that are simple, intuitive and meet your needs – from effective practice management to freeing up more time for patient care. Our local account management team is here to help customers with their journey to the new solution and provide on-going support for all our users.

To find more information on our GP Solutions and to see how they could benefit you visit here.

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