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Making the move from Nexphase to Phamacy Manager

By Cegedim
On Jun 4, 2020

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Making the move from Nexphase to Phamacy Manager

Shabbir Jafferali, owner of Wilmshurst Pharmacy must be one of Cegedim Healthcare Solution's longest standing customers – with 40 years of history, tracking back to the earliest PCs and printing technology. Having been using Nexphase for many years, he has recently made the move to Pharmacy Manager – and is delighted.

He says, “Pharmacy Manager is really good. It is impressive software, in line with modern developments and the support team is excellent.”

Time for Change

Having been following the progress of both Nexphase and Pharmacy Manager over the past few years, a demonstration of Pharmacy Manager at the Pharmacy Show last year, prompted Shabbir to consider migrating. Keen to embrace innovation at Wilmshurst Pharmacy, Shabbir was looking for a PMR system, which allowed for additional integration opportunities with third party suppliers.

He says, “Pharmacists are very demanding; we want new things. I was looking at the ability to manage repeat prescriptions electronically, for example, as well as the new intelligent dashboard.”

Making the Move

The migration from Nexphase to Pharmacy Manager was straightforward – aside from an unfortunate mistake from the telecoms provider, which resulted in a temporary disconnection!

Whilst the engineers were setting up the new system, Shabbir spent a morning with a Cegedim trainer going through the new features. By the afternoon, he was up and running “It all happened in one day,” Shabbir confirms.

The transition to Pharmacy Manager has since been improved further with the introduction of the Learning Zone. This new feature allows for bite sized e-learning and video tutorials, accessible anywhere, from any device allowing pharmacy teams to be fully trained on Pharmacy Manager even before installation. 

With so many new features to learn, while becoming familiar with Pharmacy Manager Shabbir made good use of the Cegedim Service Desk. Now, he says, “I am hardly ever on the phone – except to learn new things. The more I use it, the more I like it.”

Enjoying the Benefits

Shabbir is particularly impressed with the intelligent dashboard. With immediate visibility of EPS to dispense, repeat prescriptions, uncollected prescriptions, expiring claims and expiring stock, “It brings up everything I need to know and need to do at a glance, “he says.

With the prescription register preloaded into the system, there is no longer any need to enter prescriptions into the book – everything is recorded and pharmacists can check the register at any time. The pharmacy team is also making good use of the Medicine Use Reviews (MURs) and New Medicine Service (NMS). He adds, “We have a big screen, with loads and loads of information. The report breaks everything down into the little details we need.”

He is also looking forward to making the most of the new 1-click integration with the Summary Care Record, which tells a pharmacist immediately if a patient is shielding; and the use of the repeat prescribing feature.

Pharmacy Manager has been particularly useful during the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling everyone to keep on top of the work, even at times of high demand. He says, “The system is very friendly to use; all the information is there and downloading prescriptions is very easy as well.  Everyone likes it.”

Looking Ahead

Shabbir is full of ideas and is pleased that Cegedim are always happy to listen to their customers, he has confidence in the future roadmap of the product and concludes, “I like the fact that there is room for development and new features. I think Pharmacy Manager will tick all my boxes and keep me going until my retirement!”


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