Our Business Continuity package is king and here’s why...

Our Business Continuity package is king and here’s why...

No one likes to think about what would happen if everything just went wrong one day, do they? Some people call that kind of thinking 'fear mongering', while others say that it's depressing to dwell on the negative side of life or that it's bad luck. There is some sense to that logic, of course. But sometimes, especially in business, you have no choice but to think 'what if...?'

When disaster strikes and you're faced with the very real prospect of a pretty huge system failure, the first thing you'll do is panic. The second thing you'll do is thank your older self for ensuring that you signed up to Cegedim Rx’s business continuity package.

Whatever it is that's caused your disruption - be it power cut, water leak or whatever - you could be faced with some really rather real and severe implications. There's the financial side through lost sales, of course. Then there's the potential reputational damage that you could experience. The worst case scenario, though? If your backup disk goes missing or becomes corrupted in some way, you'd be facing some serious, serious consequences.

With our business continuity package though, you're guaranteed:

- Assurance: We actively monitor your N3 line and automatically activate a secure mobile broadband connection, safeguarding all of your critical pharmacy operations.

- Defence: Each and every night your fully encrypted data is sent to a secure off-site UK data centre, giving you complete peace of mind that your pharmacy is covered, no matter what happens.

It's worth noting that the NHS is currently implementing requirements for all pharmacies to demonstrably put in place service continuity tools and processes. So why not meet the requirement nice and early through us? We'll even provide you with all the relevant documentation to enable them to confirm that your pharmacy meets all the necessary requirements.

About us

Cegedim Rx is a part of the wider Cegedim Group. Cegedim employs over 4,200 people, working across ten countries. Last year we generated a total revenue of more than €457 million. We're an innovative technology and services company that specialise in the field of digital data flow management for healthcare ecosystems and B2B businesses. We're also a cutting edge business software publisher for professionals in the healthcare industry.

We're respected suppliers and innovators of healthcare technology, as well as a company that specialises in providing complete end-to-end IT solutions, as well as industry-focused data and information services to our clients.

We lead the market and we're determined to continue to do so while hitting our three main goals:

- To create smart new solutions that exactly match our customers’ needs, while improving healthcare provisions all round.

- To provide a unique customer experience that is at the heart and soul of everything we say and do as a business.

- To create and promote a collaborative, open and really energised workplace culture that does the best it can every day, while fully embracing change and nurturing innovation.

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