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Our Journey to Cegedim Healthcare Solutions
Steve Bradley

By Steve Bradley
On Sep 24, 2020

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Our Journey to Cegedim Healthcare Solutions

Ahead of re-branding our business as Cegedim Healthcare Solutions, Steve Bradley, Group Managing Director, Cegedim UK shares his thoughts on what this means for our customers and the healthcare sector.

The past few months have seen the most significant transformation in healthcare delivery since the inception of the NHS. These changes have affected us all, whether we are patients, doctors, nurses, pharmacists or part of their teams, we have all made remarkable adjustments to how we care, work and communicate. From telephone triage and video consultations to sharing data and working to protect shielded patients, collaboration barriers that have been in place for years have fallen away.

We have always been a supporter of transformation in the NHS and through our solutions we have been proud to have delivered many positive changes, enabled by technology, that bring better care, more time for clinicians and seamless collaboration. We have been on our own transformation journey starting long before COVID. When I first joined Cegedim in the UK in 2015, I did so with a very clear vision: to lead the UK healthcare market with technology, data and informatics.

Over the last two years, we have made a number of changes across our two UK businesses (Cegedim Rx and Vision), consolidating our leadership team and bringing together our people as ONE TEAM, with ONE MISSION, on ONE JOURNEY. We have shared skills, knowledge and expertise across our organisation, harmonised our resources and capabilities, learning along the way to work smarter and harder for our customers.

Seeing results has been rewarding, enabling us to rapidly deploy exciting new technology, with examples in recent months like providing pharmacies with one click access to the Summary Care Record and Real Time Exemption Checking (RTEC), and national data sharing through GP Connect to provide a free flow of patient information where it was required. These are examples of the way we are now working smarter and harder, both as a business and with the NHS in all four nations, to quickly overcome technical barriers for healthcare professionals.

As we continue on this incredible transformation journey, the time has come to make one further change to our businesses and join them together under one brand: Cegedim Healthcare Solutions.

In practical terms, this move makes complete sense. Cegedim Rx and Vision both serve the NHS in all four nations, work with the same NHS bodies, provide solutions into the same healthcare system and seek to enable government aspirations for joined up health care, integration and patient centred care.

Under our new brand, Cegedim Healthcare Solutions, we have an extraordinary opportunity to co-create solutions together with our customers and stakeholders for a primary care model that truly reflects both patient needs and our ability to deliver.

We want to open the door to a healthcare service that is able to quickly and efficiently prioritise care. This is something that has never been more important with care having been delayed during the COVID pandemic and vulnerable patients potentially at risk. The future management and support of those with long-term conditions requires more data, better technology and more effective collaboration – apps and digital channels for those patients able to self-care, and the use of intelligent systems to identify those at highest risk who need our help most.

We believe passionately that technology should be an enabler, allowing healthcare professionals to focus more time on delivering care to their patients. We will continue to help you achieve this, under the Cegedim brand, with healthcare solutions that are designed to work smarter and harder. We will achieve this by continuing to listen, act and improve our solutions to ensure that they are designed to make your life easier, so that you can worry less about technology and focus more time on patients.

Steve Bradley, Group Managing Director, Cegedim UK,

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