Putting innovation at the forefront of healthcare at this year’s Recognition of Excellence Awards

Putting innovation at the forefront of healthcare at this year’s Recognition of Excellence Awards

Cegedim Rx were delighted to present Amy Harper, Pharmacy Manager at Knights Crossfell Pharmacy the ‘Innovation’ award at this year’s Recognition of Excellence Awards. Amy was recognised for her innovative approach to care and brilliant contribution to the community.

It has never been more important to adopt a forward-thinking approach to healthcare. With demand growing at a rapid rate, healthcare professionals need to consider new ways in which they can keep up and continue to deliver an efficient, positive experience for every patient. With a passion for transforming patient care and putting innovation at the forefront of the community, Cegedim Rx were honoured to celebrate Amy and her brilliant project.

As part of her search to improve health and wellbeing, Amy saw an opportunity to offer vaccinations to primary school teachers at their workplace. Providing a simple way to eliminate this over-stretched workforce from going into a practice to receive their jabs, this is a great example of how thinking out of the box can not only advance the delivery of preventative care but help encourage more people to have a greater awareness of their health.

The Innovation award was presented to Amy on the 20th June at The Dorchester on London’s Park Lane. Amy comments, “I am thrilled to have won this award and to raise awareness for such an important cause. It is brilliant to see some of the other pharmacies in our branch reaching out to their local schools and encouraging those teachers to also get their flu jabs. It is an extremely important thing to promote, and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Other winners on the day include Right Medicine Pharmacy (RMP), with two members of the team walking away with an award. Receiving both the Retail Skills Award and Service Excellence Award shows the incredible work they are doing to transform the patient experience and demonstrates a real passion for independent pharmacy.

Richard Stephenson, Chief Operating Officer at Right Medicine Pharmacy comments, “We were delighted to have not one but two winners on the day and it is a real credit to Kirsty Lloyd and Claire Grigor for the hard work they do for RMP. The awards are a really good chance for the unsung heroes to actually be recognised in their own right, I have been a judge for the last 4 years now and the standard gets better and better. Above all these awards highlight the truly inspiring and selfless acts that community Pharmacy teams undertake daily”

We would like to congratulate Amy Harper and all the other winners at this year’s Recognition of Excellence Awards. It is great to see such wonderful talent in the healthcare industry and we can’t wait to see what further change they’ll make in the future.

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