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Summary Care Record Integration

By Cegedim
On Apr 2, 2020

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Summary Care Record Integration

Patient safety, efficiency and effectiveness at the core of new functionality to ensure Cegedim Healthcare Solutions delivers continuous value to pharmacists and patients.

Following the successful launch of its next generation Pharmacy Manager PMR at the end of 2019, the latest release, which focuses on patient safety, efficiency and effectiveness, includes integration with the Summary Care Record (SCR) to provide pharmacists with a much needed full picture of a patient’s health and medication history. Cegedim is the first-to-market with this integration, highlighting its commitment to delivering continuous value to the market by embracing digital innovation.

Since the early 1980’s, Pharmacy Manager has provided independent pharmacies as well as larger pharmacy groups with industry leading functionality to help pharmacies not only dispense prescriptions safely, but also manage their stock and businesses more effectively. Its evolution has seen Pharmacy Manager adapt to the changing pharmacy dynamics, through a combination of customer feedback and in-house expertise, Cegedim’s Pharmacy Manager now works smarter, with intelligent workflows driving efficiencies within pharmacies.

Steve Bradley, Group Managing Director, Cegedim UK, comments: “The Royal Pharmaceutical Society identified that integration with the SCR positively contributes to patient safety, efficiency and effectiveness, which are three tenets of service delivery that we feel very strongly about. By having a patient’s record easily accessible from the PMR, not only can pharmacists mitigate the risk of prescribing errors and patient misidentification, but they can also save a significant amount of time, which opens up opportunities for value-added services.”

The ongoing evolution of Pharmacy Manager is focused on delivering efficiencies so more pharmacy time can be spent with patients, a vitally important part of the pharmacy service and more critical now than ever before. This latest version also delivers many other time saving enhancements including Real Time Exemption Checking (RTEC) which reduces the time taken to process a prescription at the counter and removes the need to print and submit paper records for review.  

Tracey Robertson, Product Director, Cegedim adds: “As the industry moves increasingly towards shared services and integrated care, there is a huge opportunity for pharmacists to offer new services to patients. Particularly in these times when the National Health Service is under huge pressure, pharmacy can be a source of much needed guidance, advice and reassurance. However, pharmacists need any technology solution to be straightforward and with real-time outputs. With the latest generation of Pharmacy Manager, we have strived to deliver a smart, intuitive and integrated solution that addresses current and future needs.” 

Cegedim Healthcare Solutions are committed to pressing ahead with plans to continue their evolution and deliver efficiencies to pharmacy. The current pandemic situation has only encouraged the team to work harder and deliver enhancements to the market quicker, ensuring customers are well equipped to deal with the rapidly changing landscape.

To find out more about Pharmacy Manager’s latest enhancements click here 

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