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Supporting Serious Shortage Protocols
by Cegedim Rx August 15, 2019
The Serious Shortage Protocol (SSP) gives pharmacists additional powers to alter prescriptions in the event of a serious shortage of a particular ...
Putting innovation at the forefront of healthcare at this year’s Recognition of Excellence Awards
by Cegedim Rx July 31, 2019
Cegedim Rx were delighted to present Amy Harper, Pharmacy Manager at Knights Crossfell Pharmacy the ‘Innovation’ award at this year’s Recognition of ...
Celebrating Glasgow City HSCP and Partnerships in the Healthcare Sector
by Cegedim Rx April 4, 2019
Cegedim Rx were delighted to present Glasgow City HSCP (Health and Social Care Partnership) the ‘Working in Partnership’ award at this year’s ...
How IT suppliers are helping pharmacies automate
by CegedimRX April 30, 2018
There are many drivers for using automation in a community pharmacy setting. Increasing dispensing capacity, reducing costs, reduction in dispensing ...
A view on Pharmacy IT
by CegedimRX April 2, 2018
Healthcare technology is an enabler of safer, effective and more efficient care providing a means to empower patients, liberate healthcare providers ...