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Taking Stock: The continued evolution of Pharmacy Manager
Tracey Robertson

By Tracey Robertson
On Apr 1, 2021

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Taking Stock: The continued evolution of Pharmacy Manager

Last year we shared our development model based on product discovery processes, this simply means we always work collaboratively with our customers and prospects to understand their real pain points. During the discovery process we listen, we watch, we walk in their shoes to allow us to truly understand industry challenges, this is the magic sauce that fuels our creativity so we can innovatively solve problems.

One such problem identified by our Stock and Order Management team, was inventory management. Regardless of pharmacy type, it seems the industry is suffering from a lack of smart technology, with poor visibility of stock inventory often resulting in high stock wastage and cash tied up in excess stock sat on the pharmacy shelves.

Additionally, processes for Stock Management in pharmacy often rely on long-winded, manual steps for checking stock, taking valuable time away from other critical pharmacy activities such as delivering patient facing services.

Improving inventory management - let’s get Digital

Pharmacy Manager’s digital evolution is all about efficiency, providing pharmacies with a simple, digital solution that automates many of the repetitive processes that are currently taking up the precious time of the pharmacy team.

Providing a central location for stock data is vital to ensure pharmacy teams can get the information they need quickly. Pharmacy Manager’s new Stock Inventory module provides fast and intuitive access to key stock metrics. What’s more, as pharmacies embrace automation, Pharmacy Manager’s Stock Inventory module provides real-time visibility of total stock holding across a pharmacy’s robot and shelf storage.

Driving better stock utilisation

Margins for pharmacies are becoming increasingly stretched and our customers are being asked to do more, with less. More so than ever, it is vital that pharmacies utilise their stock effectively, making use of each and every product purchased before it gathers dust and expires on the shelf.

Pharmacy Manager’s Stock Inventory module provides customers with one-click access to stock information for alternative packs. With this increased visibility, pharmacies can make use of all available options within their store – reducing unnecessary ordering and ensuring that forgotten stock doesn’t expire. Furthermore, with additional options available, Owings can be reduced, allowing prescriptions to be fulfilled faster, improving patient experience.

Real-time visibility and transparency of essential stock data

Today, stock data for pharmacies is often hidden and difficult to manage. Pharmacy Manager’s new Stock Inventory module allows customers to quickly access a variety of vital information, in real-time. Understanding key data points such as current Stock Value and Usage History is critical so that pharmacies can make accurate and informed decisions about what stock they order and when (and reduce the over-ordering which is so commonplace today).

Continual evolution

Our goal is to create effortless user journeys and make pharmacy decisions easier, this means making data easily accessible and actionable, this fundamental shift is essential to drive industry change and improve outcomes. We are just at the start of our journey with stock management and over the next few months will be delivering more enhancements which provide you with the necessary tools and insights to help drive further efficiency and cost savings into your business.

Like the rest of Pharmacy Manager, designed to help your pharmacy team work smarter, it will continuously evolve to work harder for YOU!

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