Comprehensive, accurate and real time support for Healthcare Providers

Key services

Clinical Decision Support

Gain confidence in clinical decision making using unbiased and reliable information on the administration and use of drugs, including drug interactions, guidance on dosage, adverse drug reactions.

A full set of features to support accurate and safe prescribing & dispensing are available including drug indications, contra indications, side effects, as well as sensitivities & allergies and cautions of use.

These all work against a specific patient record and provide a comprehensive set of clinical information relevant to the patient and the drugs they have been prescribed and dispensed.

  • Drug Interactions
  • Indications
  • Contraindications
  • Cautions
  • Side Effects
  • Label Warnings
  • Prescriber Warnings

Drug Database & Product Information


An accurate and up to date drug database curated to DM&D NHS standards, providing essential product level information. The dataset provides a full list of NHS approved items, both prescribed and dispensed, updated bi-weekly.

Product level information allows for easier electronic re-ordering incorporating both EAN, PIP code and DM&D codes, together with wholesaler codes.

To assist with drug identification (useful in a care home setting & for MDS dispensing), TicTac images and related information on colour, shape, form and marking is also available.

  • List of prescribed and dispensable products
  • Product Pack Size
  • Product Pack Price
  • TicTac Images (Shape, Form, Colour & Markings)

Prescriber & Practice Information

It is important to be able to update patient records with accurate information. Our prescriber & practice information services helps ensure patient’s GP details are up to date and provides an accurate reference point for any updates or changes.

Key features include:
  • Practice
  • Practice List
  • Practice Details
  • Prescriber
  • Prescriber List
  • Prescriber Details

NHS Dispensing Reimbursement


Key for Pharmacy Dispensing is ensuring that accurate and timely claiming and reimbursement of NHS prescriptions is met. The NHS Dispensing Reimbursement Service supports electronic and paper based prescribing systems in all regions:

  • Paper Endorsement
    • England
    • Wales
    • Scotland
    • Northern Ireland
  • Electronic Endorsement
    • England
    • Scotland
    • Wales

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