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Healthi-FMD App

  • Free of Charge
  • No Contract Extension Required
  • Fully FMD Compliant
  • Workflow Flexibility
  • Compatible with both Pharmacy Manager and Nexphase
  • Expiry Date Check

How will the Healthi FMD app work?

This app will provide full FMD compliance and can be used alongside both our Pharmacy Manager and Nexphase PMR systems. You will have the flexibility to verify and decommission from any terminal in the pharmacy at any point of the dispensing journey to suit your pharmacy workflow. It allows for ad hoc verification and decommissioning scans, recommissioning items, adding or removing specific items from a patients already assembled prescription – all performed separately to the PMR for flexibility.

It can be used independently alongside either PMR or alongside our Pharmacy Manager FMD Integrated Plugin.

Even if using independently – your PMR will still produce a barcode for the bag label, which can be used to aggregate all the items inside manually, so there is only one scan to decommission at handout. There is also the optional flexibility of using tablet technology, giving you the freedom to ensure FMD compliance from almost anywhere in your pharmacy. It includes an automatic expiry date check too, to help add efficiencies into your process.

To understand how the workflow could work in your pharmacy watch the short animation below:



Looking for an Integrated Solution?

If you feel you need a more integrated solution, then you can add our integrated plugin for Pharmacy Manager

  • Picking Accuracy Check
  • Automatic Aggregated Barcode Bag Label
  • Verify when Dispensing
  • Free of Charge

Plugin Details

With an added picking accuracy check as well as the expiry date check, our integrated plugin will allow you to verify at the point of dispensing in Pharmacy Manager to minimise workflow disruptions.

The 2D barcodes on the medicines will only need to be scanned once, at the point of dispensing. This will provide a picking accuracy check and the unique serial numbers on all the items within a bag will then be automatically aggregated to a barcode on the bag label, which can then be decommissioned in one scan within Pharmacy Manager as part of the handout process.

As part of this plugin you still have all the benefits of our Healthi FMD app, but you will have the ability to adapt the process to the workflow which best suits your pharmacy. The plugin can be added or removed at a later date, so you can began to understand the impact of FMD in your pharmacy and flex the solution to your needs.

To understand how the workflow could work in your pharmacy watch the short animation below:


Hardware Options

A 2D barcode scanner is required to ensure FMD compliance

Cegedim Rx are pleased to offer a choice of hardware options to best suit customers needs


2D Wired Scanner

2D Wired Scanner

Newlands HR2260
£150 + VAT


2D Wireless Scanner

2D Wireless Scanner

Newlands HR3290CS
£250 + VAT

How do I register my pharmacy and order hardware?

STEP 1 – SecurMed Registration

You are responsible for registering each site via SecurMed to ensure a connection to the UK Medicines Verification system. You can now register with them, for our solution here.

You will require the following the information to complete the form:

  • Software Supplier Name: Cegedim Rx
  • Software Name: Healthi-FMD
  • Software Version: 1.0

We encourage all our customers to register as soon as possible to ensure there are no delays in the implementation of FMD.

Step 2 – Order your FMD Solution and Hardware from Cegedim Rx

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If you have any further questions on FMD then call us on our FMD Hotline 0330 303 3349

Useful links

There is a wealth of information about FMD – here is a selection of our favourite useful links

As falsified medicines become more sophisticated, the risk of them reaching patients in the EU increases. They represent a serious threat to global health and call for a comprehensive strategy both at European and international level.

Visit website

The UK FMD Working Group for Community Pharmacy website. FMD Source – the definitive source for authoritative and reliable information about the implementation by pharmacies of the European Falsified Medicines Directive in the UK.

Visit website

The NPA has issued a brief guide to the EU Falsified Medicines Directive, in the light of growing concerns about a lack of publicly available information from official channels. The Directive, which has been introduced to reduce the risk of counterfeit medicines in the supply chain, comes into force on 9th February 2019.

View Document

Under the Directive, all new packs of prescription medicines placed on the market in Europe from February 2019 onwards will have to bear two safety features: a unique identifier (UI) in the form of a 2D data matrix (barcode) and an anti-tamper device (ATD).

Visit website

Implementing ‘safety features’ under the Falsified Medicines Directive.

This consultation invites views on the proposed steps we intend to take to make sure the UK meets its obligations to transpose the ‘safety features’ provisions of the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).

Visit website


To help you understand everything you need to know, we have collated some of the most frequently asked questions

What else do I need to consider?

You also need to think about the process flow through your dispensary. Will you need to change the layout? If you don’t already have a barcode scanning facility on your counter then you will need to think about how this will be introduced. Is there space, power and networking for a scanning function in your prescription handover area? Think about your dispensing process, talk to your staff, look at your dispensary layout and engage with your PMR supplier.

How many times will the 2D barcode need to be scanned?

As part of our solution the 2D barcode will only need to be scanned once. This is because the unique serial number will be aggregated to the bag label barcode and when the bag label barcode is scanned at handout all the medication inside automatically decommissioned.

What will FMD mean?

Each medicine pack will have a small 2-D barcode (containing a unique serial number, batch number and expiry date) which will need to be scanned at some point in the assembly process. For many pharmacies, this will represent a significant change to their way of working and you need to be thinking about this now.

When will FMD be effective from?

The EMVS goes live on the 9th February 00:00:00 CET – So for our customers in the UK, this is will be 8th February 23:00:00 GMT

How much is the FMD Software?

For Cegedim Rx customers, the Healthi FMD app is completely free of charge, with no upfront or ongoing costs

How long is the FMD contract?

There is no associated contract required for our Healthi FMD app

How do I get the Healthi FMD software installed on my PC?

Once you have ordered your solution, using either the link above or over the phone, we will automatically deploy the Healthi FMD app direct to all your PC’s. You will receive a notification once it has arrived and information on how to get started.

Can I use my 1D barcode scanner to decommission, using the aggregated barcode label?

No, this is because the barcode scanner will not be connected to the FMD adapter


If you have any questions about FMD that haven’t been answered already, please ask us