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9th February 2019
FMD Deadline

Our Choice of FMD Solutions

Integrated FMD Solution

Our integrated solution will prompt the user to scan medicines as part of the Pharmacy Manager dispensing workflow. The medicines will only need to be scanned once, at which point the unique serial number will be aggregated to the bag label barcode and automatically decommissioned as part of the handout process.


  • Verify and Decommission from within the PMR
  • Fits in with the usual dispensing workflows and identify before handout if medication isn’t verified
  • Replace unsuitable medication before patients collects and is inconvenienced
  • Includes accuracy check and automatic expiry date check

As part of this solution you still have the benefit of our Healthi FMD app, which allows for; ad hoc verification and decommissioning scans, recommission items, adding or removing specific items from a patients already assembled prescription, which can be performed separately to the PMR for flexibility.

See how this solution could work in your pharmacy by watching the short animation below:

Standalone FMD Solution

Our standalone solution offers a light touch ensuring minimal disruption to your pharmacy workflow by installing our Healthi FMD app. This app can be used alongside both our Pharmacy Manager and Nexphase PMR systems. FMD scans are carried out independently of the PMR so the touch points in your pharmacy can be selected to suit your existing workflows.


  • Can be used independently alongside either PMR
  • Can be implemented into any part of your pharmacy workflow giving greater flexibility as to how FMD affects your workflow
  • Replace unsuitable medication before a patient collects and is inconvenienced
  • Includes automatic expiry date check

Your PMR will produce a barcode for the bag label, which can be used to aggregate all the items inside, so there is only one scan to decommission at handout.
There is also the optional flexibility of using tablet technology, giving you the freedom to ensure FMD compliance from almost anywhere in your pharmacy.

See how this solution could work in your pharmacy by watching the short animation below:

There are pros and cons for both approaches and you will need to think about which solution offers the best fit for your pharmacy.

If you currently use our Pharmacy Manager PMR, you can register with us for your preferred solution here. 

If you currently use our Nexphase PMR, you can register with us for your preferred solution here.

You are responsible for registering each site via SecurMed to ensure a connection to the UK Medicines Verification system.
Once you are able to register for our solution with SecurMed we will get in touch with all our customers.

These solutions are part of a regulatory compliance change. Changes such as these are included as part of the companies core PMR software offer and as such contract end dates will not be affected. Phase 1 of the FMD roll out will commence towards the end of the year to ensure all customers able to operate in an “FMD ready” in good time of the FMD go-live date.

If you have any further questions on FMD then either complete the form below or call us on our FMD Hotline 0330 303 3349

Useful links

There is a wealth of information about FMD – here is a selection of our favourite useful links

As falsified medicines become more sophisticated, the risk of them reaching patients in the EU increases. They represent a serious threat to global health and call for a comprehensive strategy both at European and international level.

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The UK FMD Working Group for Community Pharmacy website. FMD Source – the definitive source for authoritative and reliable information about the implementation by pharmacies of the European Falsified Medicines Directive in the UK.

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The NPA has issued a brief guide to the EU Falsified Medicines Directive, in the light of growing concerns about a lack of publicly available information from official channels. The Directive, which has been introduced to reduce the risk of counterfeit medicines in the supply chain, comes into force on 9th February 2019.

View Document

Under the Directive, all new packs of prescription medicines placed on the market in Europe from February 2019 onwards will have to bear two safety features: a unique identifier (UI) in the form of a 2D data matrix (barcode) and an anti-tamper device (ATD).

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Implementing ‘safety features’ under the Falsified Medicines Directive.

This consultation invites views on the proposed steps we intend to take to make sure the UK meets its obligations to transpose the ‘safety features’ provisions of the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).

Visit website


To help you understand everything you need to know, we have collated some of the most frequently asked questions

What else do I need to consider? 2018-11-27T11:13:40+00:00

You also need to think about the process flow through your dispensary. Will you need to change the layout? If you don’t already have a barcode scanning facility on your counter then you will need to think about how this will be introduced. Is there space, power and networking for a scanning function in your prescription handover area? Think about your dispensing process, talk to your staff, look at your dispensary layout and engage with your PMR supplier.

How will the PMR support FMD? 2018-07-27T12:16:03+00:00

Our PMR systems will be upgraded in plenty of time for FMD to accommodate barcode scanning functionality. We already have tried and tested barcode solutions in use in the marketplace with customers using barcode scanning for stock control and clinical checking.

How many times will the 2D barcode need to be scanned? 2018-12-06T12:21:51+00:00

As part of our solution the 2D barcode will only need to be scanned once. This is because the unique serial number will be aggregated to the bag label barcode and automatically decommissioned as part of the handout process.

What will FMD mean? 2018-07-27T12:15:47+00:00

Each medicine pack will have a small 2-D barcode (containing a unique serial number, batch number and expiry date) which will need to be scanned at some point in the assembly process. For many pharmacies, this will represent a significant change to their way of working and you need to be thinking about this now.

When will FMD be effective from? 2018-07-27T12:15:41+00:00

FMD is due to be rolled out in Europe from February 2019


If you have any questions about FMD that haven’t been answered already, please ask us