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Labcold Refrigeration

Cegedim Rx are delighted to partner with Labcold to offer pharmacy refrigeration direct to the pharmacy market.

Labcold pharmacy and vaccine refrigerators have been designed from the ground up for the safe and secure storage of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals as advised by Public Health England.

All Labcold pharmacy and vaccine fridges are lockable and automatically alarm if the temperature goes out of range.

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RLDF0119 solid door Fridge 36 litres


RLDF0219 solid door Fridge 66 litres


RLDF0519 solid door Fridge 150 litres


RLDF1019 solid door Fridge 340 litres


RLDF1519 solid door Fridge 440 litres


RLDG0119 glass door Fridge 36 litres


RLDG0219 glass door Fridge 66 litres


RLDG0519 glass door Fridge 150 litres


RLDG1019 glass door Fridge 340 litres


RLDG1519 glass door Fridge 440 litres



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