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Your new look Pharmacy Manager.

The Pharmacy Manager Evolution Continues...

Enhancements to the Dispensing Workflow

We have enhanced the dispensing workflow, utilising barcode technology, allowing the user to perform a picking accuracy check when dispensing patient’s medication. In addition, an expiry date check will be carried out and alert the user of upcoming expiring medication so that they can take the appropriate action at the point of dispensing.

Pharmacy Manger will also provide clear visibility of what’s inside the bag following a scan of the bag label. It will also automatically update the supply date of the prescription including POM records kept electronically. Pharmacy Manager’s FMD integrated workflow works seamlessly alongside these enhancements, automatically performing a verification and decommission at the relevant touchpoints.

For pharmacies in England, when EPS prescriptions are handed out, the dispense notification is instantly sent for that prescription.

These enhancements speed up the dispensing process including handout, saving time for the whole pharmacy team and ultimately improves patient safety by reducing near miss records including the more common look-a-like sound-a-like errors. This also gives the pharmacist increased availability to focus on patient services and care.

A Modernised User Interface

We have modernised our user interface for every screen of Pharmacy Manager so that it is now more intuitive and you can easily navigate and use all the functionality available within the PMR. 

A New Intelligent Dashboard

Designed to help your whole pharmacy team work smarter. The dashboard allows you to quickly see all of your key notifications and system alerts in one place. We have introduced dynamic tiles, with real time notifications, to give you an overview of key events as they are happening. Colour coded alerts highlight areas that need your attention so you can make informed decisions around how to prioritise your workload.  We have also added a whole host of new features including a calendar and notes feature and added quick links to NHS services for easy access to these functions from within Pharmacy Manager.

We understand that our customers in each region have slightly different needs, that's why we have tailored our dashboards depending on your area.




Take a look at our latest video, which gives you an overview of these new features in the Pharmacy Manager.

Pharmacy Manager v11 Full Video

We have listened to YOU. We have made your Pharmacy Manager work harder. We are on a continuous improvement journey where we Listen - Act - Improve (for YOU!)

Your new look Pharmacy Manager includes a modernised intuitive interface for easy navigation and the introduction of an intelligent dashboard with dynamic tiles, helps improve the user experience.

Pharmacy Manager is evolving to work harder to ensure YOU can work smarter.





We've also created a 'What's New Guide' which you can download for a quick overview of the improvements we have made in the next release, version 11. This guide aims to give Pharmacy Manager users a detailed overview of the advancements you can expect to see ahead of any changes being deployed.


To help you understand everything you need to know, we have collated some of the most frequently asked questions

When can I expect to see changes to my PMR in the pharmacy?

The latest Pharmacy Manager version is now available on general availability to customers across all regions. We are working to roll out to all our customers over the coming weeks. 

If you still haven't received the latest version, but would like to, please contact your Customer Success Manager who will look into getting this deployed to you ASAP.

Will it cost me more?

Our current aim is to deliver much needed value to our customers and the new look Pharmacy Manager will not be chargeable to our current customers. 

Will this impact my terms and conditions of my existing contract?

No. This change will not impact terms and conditions at this time.

Can I use my existing hardware?

This latest version of Pharmacy Manager has a minimum screen resolution and if your current monitor does not support that resolution then you may need to purchase a new monitor to ensure you can take full advantage of features in this version.


Speak to our sales team on 0330 303 3342 for more information.

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