For over a decade we have helped NHS Service Leads in Primary Care Trusts to manage, evaluate and improve the delivery of local NHS Services.

Primary Care Services

Each month, we process over 130,000 consultations for a range of locally commissioned services including:

– Pharmacy Services
– Stop Smoking Services
– Optometry Services – glaucoma referral refinement and cataract referral
– Drug & Alcohol Services
– Consulting Services

We are recognised for specialising in clinical service delivery, with customers stretching across the Primary Care spectrum. Our experience includes Medicines Management, Optometry and General Practice.

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About Primary Care Services


We offer healthcare consulting and IT services across the Primary Care space

Clinical Commissioning Groups

We support CCG’s to help ensure that NHS commissioning budgets are spent only on services that deliver the best outcomes for patients in the most cost effective way possible.

Optometry Service Commissioners

We use web-based solutions to help free up scarce resources to allow commissioners and providers to focus their attention on delivering efficient services and patient outcomes.

Health & Wellbeing Boards

We offer consulting services to support the integration of local NHS, social care and public health services to ensure local commissioning plans are approved.

What Makes Us Different


We are
Clinician Led

We are
Clinician Led

We provide healthcare solutions through seasoned, knowledgeable advice, combined with leading-edge IT-driven solutions.


We are

We are

We think outside of the box to help customers redesign and implement bespoke IT solutions that offer added value.


We are Part of Something Bigger

We are Part of Something Bigger

We are part of the Cegedim Group, offering complete integrated digital solutions and across the wider healthcare setting.


We have a wealth of Experience

We have a wealth of Experience

Over 50 years experience and expertise in using technology in healthcare go into delivering our integrated digital solutions.


We care about what we do

We care about what we do

We are passionate about what we do. We believe in delivering not only the best value to you, but also the best solution for improving patient wellbeing and outcomes.

healthi joined up healthcare logo

Healthi represents the future for our Healthcare IT Solutions.

It is the flagship brand for Cegedim Rx underpinned by a core value set focussed on delivering

innovative solutions that drive efficiency and,
single patient view for improved outcomes
integration with third-party services

Healthi supports our goal for Patient Centricity, and the NHS vision for Pharmacy at the heart of community care.